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Tire Rotations & Balance Service in Nashdale, ON

Tire Rotations

Tire Rotation and Balance in Nashdale, ON

If you’ve been searching, “tire installation near me”, “tire rotation and balance near me”, “tire rotation schedule”, or any similar query, Downtown Auto Specialist can help you out. We offer rotation and balance services for new tires we install as well as for tires you already have on your vehicle.

To maximize the tread life and overall efficacy of your tires, we at Downtown Auto Specialist recommend rotating your tires on a regular basis. Front and rear tires wear down differently. This is because of uneven mass distribution.

Typically, the front tires carry more than 60% of your car’s weight than the rears. This is largely due to the engine being at the front of most cars. As a result, front tires wear down faster than the rear ones. Tire rotations equalize these natural wear patterns by changing the positions of your tires.However, it’s not always as simple as just moving tires from the front to the back.

Quick Facts about Tire Rotations

Here are some quick facts about tire rotations:

  • Every tire has a certain rotation pattern based on the type of vehicle on which it is used.
  • Whether a vehicle is all-wheel drive, front-wheel drive,or rear-wheel drive has an effect on how tires wear.This must beconsidered and accounted for during the tire rotation.
  • Front-wheel drive vehicles typically need to have their tires rotated more frequently. This is due to wearing caused by the stress of braking and from the weight of the engine and axle.
  • Tires should be rotated during seasonal changeovers. This meanswhen you change from winter tires to all-seasons or from summer tires to all-weathers, that would be a good time to have your tires rotated.

During a tire rotation our technician will also adjust the air pressure according to your manufacture’s specifications. By rotating your tires regularly, you’ll ensure yourself a smoother and safer ride. You will also save yourself some money over time because tire rotation helps extend the life of your tires.

How often should you rotate your tires?

Your vehicle’s owner’s manual should have a recommended tire rotation schedule. Most manufacturers recommend that you rotate your tires every 10,000km. If you own a vehicle that has aggressive tread tires and you use it for heavy-duty or off-road driving, it’s probably wise to have your tires rotatedevery 5,000km to avoid uneven wear.

What is tire balancing?

At Downtown Auto Specialist, we can balance your tires when we perform a rotation, or we can balance them as a standalone service. Balancing your tires helps to minimize uneven wear by making the load each tire bears more equal. We use precision equipment to measure the weight of each tire and to grip the wheel carefully, avoiding damage to the rim.

Tire installation near Nashdale, ON.

If you’ve been searching for tire installation near you in the Nashdale area, Downtown Auto Specialist has you covered. Our technicians offer the complete range of tire services, from installation, to balancing, to rotation, to pressure checks. To book an appointment for tire rotation or balance, please click here. To learn about our other services and products, please contact us via our website or call us at 905-529-2833.

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