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RAM Truck Repair & Service Center in Meadowlands, ON

The Ram series, stylized as RAM, has consistently been one of the most successful and popular producers of trucks in Canada and the United States. If you own a Ram truck, or are considering purchasing one, you want to make sure that you can find technicians near you who can service and repair Ram trucks as an alternative to the dealership.

If you’ve been searching, “Ram truck mechanic Meadowlands”, “What repairs do Ram trucks usually need?”, “Ram truck repair near me”, or something similar, we at Downtown Auto Specialist might be able to help. Here’s what you should know about Ram trucks and Ram repair and maintenance.

Ram Truck Service Center

“Can I get my Ram truck repaired near me in Meadowlands, Ontario?”

You can! At Downtown Auto Specialist, we have the tools, technology, and knowledgeable and skilled technicians necessary to properly repair and service Ram trucks. But what should you know about Ram trucks and the repairs and maintenance they often require?

Guts. Glory. RAM.

Ram trucks were spun-off from Dodge trucks in 2010. The Dodge Ram was the name of the best-selling model of Dodge pickup trucks. The parent company of Ram is Stellantis, which was formerly called Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Ram vehicles have always been designed and manufactured to be powerful, reliable, and to provide great utility.

Ram truck options

Ram is famous for trucks, but they don’t only make trucks; there are also van options. The Ram ProMaster is a full-sized van and the Ram ProMaster City is a panel van and leisure activity vehicle. Ram has great options for whatever task you need a truck or van to accomplish, whether that’s a truck for moving furniture or hauling cargo, or a van for camping.

Ram is one of the most famous truck product lines ever. The full-size Ram pickup truck was first manufactured by Dodge in 1981. Since that time, Dodge, and now Ram, has been honing and retooling their innovation to keep at the forefront of light truck technology.

Common Ram problems

Ram trucks have a reputation for dependability and resilience. But a vehicle is only as good as the maintenance it receives. Ram trucks can suffer the same problems that any other vehicle can. Having said that, there are some problems that are more common in Ram trucks and vans than they are in other vehicles.

Ram trucks are heavier than standard cars, such as a hatchback or a coupe. This extra mass can weigh down the suspension, causing wear and tear over time. At the Downtown Auto Specialist, our technicians will inspect your Ram’s suspension and alignment to make sure everything is functioning properly.

Contact the Downtown Auto Specialist for RAM truck repair in Meadowlands, ON

There’s no need to keep searching for a Ram truck mechanic near you if you’re in the Meadowlands area. Just come to Downtown Auto Specialist. We are proud to provide repairs and maintenance services to drivers of Ram vehicles in Meadowlands, Ontario, and anywhere nearby.

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