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Car Oil Change Near Me in Grimsby, ON

Whether you’re a first-time vehicle buyer or a long-time driver, it’s normal to have questions about motor oil, synthetic oil, and oil changes. As automobile technology changes, so too does engine oil and how we use it. And sometimes the conventional wisdom no longer holds true.

If you’ve been searching, “Is synthetic oil better?”, “How often should I change my car’s oil?”, “Car oil change near Grimsby”, or anything similar, the Downtown Auto Specialist can help. This article answers all your important questions about motor oil and oil changes.

Vehicle Oil Change

“Can I get a car oil change near me in Grimsby, Ontario?”

Yes, you can! Just come to the Downtown Auto Specialist. We’d be happy to perform an oil change on your vehicle and help it perform at optimum levels. But why are oil changes necessary? And what does motor oil even do, anyway?

Why are oil changes necessary?

An oil change means draining the old oil out of an engine and replacing it with new oil. This is necessary from time to time to ensure your engine receives the cooling and lubrication it needs. Of all the fluids in an internal combustion engine-powered vehicle, motor oil is possibly the most important, especially in terms of the functionality of your engine. It’s also the fluid that typically needs to be changed most frequently.

Motor oil cools and lubricates the engine. However, when motor oil becomes old and degraded, it cannot do this effectively. If you don’t change your oil, it gets dirty and muddy. Eventually, it turns into a sludge, and can’t collect particulate matter, which is required to clean your engine. Instead, all the particulate matter that the oil has collected weighs it down and this sludgy oil can actively damage your engine.

How often are oil changes necessary?

Your vehicle owner’s manual should recommend how often you ought to change your oil. The recommended interval is usually about every 5,000 km, or every three months, whichever comes first. At the Downtown Auto Specialist, we can give you a more personalized estimate based on your vehicle and your driving habits.

What about a synthetic oil change?

Synthetic oil possesses the same chemical compounds and petroleum molecules as conventional oil. However, synthetic oil is artificially synthesized to eliminate some impurities. This offers several advantages, including longer oil change intervals. This means that while synthetic oil still needs to be changed, synthetic oil changes usually aren’t required as often as conventional oil changes.

What about other automotive fluids?

Transmission fluid should be checked monthly and if it looks opaque or smells bad, it needs to be changed. If you’ve been experiencing braking issues, your brake fluid might need a change. Hydraulicsteeringfluid should probably be changed about every 50,000 km.

Come to the Downtown Auto Specialist for an oil change for your car in Grimsby, ON

You don’t need to keep searching, “car oil change near me,” if you’re in the Grimsby area of Ontario. We perform oil changes for passenger cars, light trucks, SUVs, and more.

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