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As all Canadians know, driving in winter presents a number of challenges. Patches of ice make roads treacherous, snow and hail reduce visibility, and the bitter cold affects the way vehicles operate. This includes your vehicle’s tires which can be negatively affected by the cold. That is why it’s wise for most vehicles to use winter tires in cold months.

Winter tires are the safest option for any vehicle when it comes to driving around Binbrook. Research has shown that when the temperature drops below seven degrees Celsius, the rubber compounds in summer and all-season tires begin to lose traction. With specially designed winter tires, however, these compounds can still provide ample traction to aid starting, stopping, and handling.

But it’s important to buy the right winter tire. Premium winter tires offer maximum safety in winter, regardless of how severe the driving conditions are. Premium winter tires also have the benefit of longevity. A good winter tire won’t just be safe and effective during the first winter you use them, but for winter after winter. Other tires cannot offer that same value.

If you’re searching for, “winter tires near me” in the Binbrook area of Ontario, we can help. At Downtown Auto Specialist, we sell and install winter tires for our clients. To book an appointment for to have your winters put on, please click here. To learn more about all your tire options, please contact us via our website or call us at 905-529-2833.

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