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Many Ontarians use all season tires which perform well in any weather condition. When they were first innovated in the 1970s, manufacturers sacrificed some wet weather performance to improve all season tires’ ability to handle hot, dry pavement. These tires also provide good mobility in the cold, but they still don’t match winter tires for performance in icy conditions.

All Season Tires Some Ontarians utilise all seasons from spring to winter, while others prefer summer tires during the summer. It is usually wisest to use winter tires throughout the coldest months instead of all seasons. If you drive an SUV, then all season tires are probably your best option for any weather beyond the freezing cold. The best all season tires for SUVs will depend on where and how you drive most often.

Some figures show that 49% of Canadian drivers try to use all seasons in winter. For drivers in Hamilton, this is not a great idea. Cold, and even cool, temperatures affect all seasons. Even a mild 7°C can hinder all seasons; below this temperature the compound in these tires stiffens, and this can cause longer braking distances. Drivers should use winter tires in the coldest months.

At Downtown Auto Specialist, we sell the best all season tires for SUVs, and other vehicles. To book an appointment install all seasons on your vehicle in East Hamilton, please click here. To learn more about the best all season tires for SUVS, please contact us via our website or call us at 905-529-2833.

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